Chef Ted Weinberger serves up tasty fare in historic building

For Ted Weinberger, owner of Café Evergreen in Nokomis, working in the restaurant business is somewhat of a family tradition.

“I’ve been involved in this industry my whole life. One grandfather owned a meat market in Wisconsin. The other was a baker and a chef, who ran bakeries and three businesses,” Mr. Weinberger said. “It skipped a generation with my parents. I went to college and began my restaurant career afterward.”

Mr. Weinberger relocated to Florida during his time with a major restaurant chain. At the time, his job was to help the company open restaurants throughout the state. He owned steak and seafood restaurants in Lake Wales and Winter Haven prior to opening Cafe Evergreen, first located at Warm Mineral Springs in North Port until Sarasota County closed the park.

In 2013, the restaurant relocated to Nokomis, housed in a historic building, a former bank built in 1920. The building is the oldest on US 41 between Venice and Tampa.

Mr. Weinberger and his wife, Annette, have owned the local café for several years….

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