EverDew – Drink the sky

My favorite water is ultra pure and crisp due to a unique four stage air filtration and nine stage water filtration…we carry it now at our cafe!!!

EverDew is condensed water vapor from the sky above the Florida Key’s. EverDew uses a process that evaporates water by sunlight. Basically this ECO-Friendly process leaves all the nasty impurities found in the ground water behind such as chemicals and heavy metals.

Although water is transparent, each source has it’s own unique mineral and chemical content. The natural filtration of water through the process of evaporation helps to leave the bad behind creating a water in its purest state, water vapor. EverDew captures water at this state and adds only good minerals giving us a perfect hydration formula.


Chlorine, chloride, preservatives, pesticides, fluoride, sodium, sulfates and heavy minerals


Water is a universal solvent absorbing almost anything it comes in contact with. When water flows underground from its source, it comes in contact with dissolved and suspended solids containing heavy minerals and chemicals that aren’t good to consume. EverDew comes from the sky so avoids all this contamination.

EVERDEW IS MILDLY  ALKALINE…with essential minerals and electrolytes to kickstart your body into shape.

Proponents claim that maintaining a pH of 7.4-7.9 is optimum for a healthy body by making our body less acidic (our diet – particularly if it is high in processed food can increase acid levels in the body), it will help with everything from skin disorders to combating disease.  Alkaline water is supposedly higher in antioxidants (so in theory helps with anti-aging), increases hydration (the ionized water has gone through electrolysis making the water clusters smaller and therefore more easily absorbed at cellular level), helps with weight-loss (by purifying waste from the body) and boosts the immune system (accumulated acidity has been linked to everything from arthritis to acne), reduces tooth decay (just leave the water in your mouth for a fe minutes), a mouth that is acidic will get cavity quicker than a mouth with a good pH level.


Electrolytes help your body to perform its best throughout the day. EverDew has Calcium and Magnesium Bicarbonates ( “Bi”-carbonates means they absorb better in your body). This combination of natural minerals (sourced in the U.S.A. and graded highest food grade quality and purity by NSF) ignite electrolytes into sky vapor to keep you going whether you’re hitting the courts or the office. Magnesium is great to reduce tiredness and Calcium helps to promote strong bones and maintain a healthy heart and muscle function.

EverDew is Calcium, Magnesium and nothing else!


Water after evaporation is in it’s purest natural state. Nature filters water through different stages of the water cycle. EverDew just catches it at the stage before all the nasty stuff such as rain particles or underground pollution. Natural sun evaporation is one of the best ways to filter H2O and at this point in the water cycle, water is at its purest natural state. This is why EverDew captures their source at the water vapor/gas stage and continue the water cycle back into liquid in a very clean and pure environment. This clean environment avoids nasty microscopic particles found in rain and underground. Instead of replicating the process of obtaining water vapor from municipal water by heating water, EverDew actually takes the water straight from the sky. The end result is pure water that is environmentally friendly and free from heavy minerals and contaminants such as nitrates, sodium and fluoride. In a nut shell we make our own super clean rain clouds indoors and make it rain!


  • EverDew does not pick up Fluoride (toxic chemical). Fluoride is considered to be a mutagen, an agent that can cause genetic damage and be toxic.
  • Everdew does not pick up SODIUM (Salt), which means you are helping your body to avoid accumulation of extra salts. Excess levels of sodium are bad for heart, kidneys and digestion.
  • EverDew does not pick up INORGANIC SUBSTANCES, including, but not limited to, salts and metals, that can be naturally occurring or result from farming, urban storm water runoff, industrial or domestic wastewater discharges, or oil and gas production.
  • EverDew does not pick up PESTICIDES AND HERBICIDES that may come from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to agriculture, urban storm water runoff and residential uses.
  • EverDew does not pick up ORGANIC SUBSTANCES that are byproducts of industrial processes and petroleum production and can also come from gas stations, urban storm water runoff, agricultural application, and septic systems.