My husband and I just returned from Germany and Austria over the course of two weeks. Our trip was an absolute culinary walking tour throughout German and Austrian dishes. Ted and I like to travel to popular cities worldwide to sample many dishes, to get a lay of the land and then decide what places we’d want to come back to or what kind of regional foods we’d want to have again. We then like to take these new ideas back to our restaurant and try these dishes and share them with our customers.

On our trip to Austria we had a wonderful experience eating at an unique vegetarian restaurant, I personally think it was by far one of the best experience I ever had in my life.

“TIAN-restaurant”, in Vienna, is a place full of sensual pleasures, experimenting with the finest ingredients and creating gourmet vegetarian and vegan dishes, which come in 4,6 or 8 course menus. On our evening we were able to enjoy a 12 course dinner. While relaxing and enjoying the courses in 4+ hours with good wine and perfect company the time went by very quickly.

TIAN uses a lot of seasonal ingredients from Europe and ingredients from their own organic farm in Carinthia. They are also working with some local organic wineries to develop their own unique bottles for the restaurant.

Like TIAN, café evergreen offers a high-quality menu for people who have a longing for sustainable food as part of their lifestyle. We also believe that vegetarian food can taste good while being healthy.

When in Europe you notice that the food being eaten contains no GMO’s, we also noticed that Europe does not allow high fructose corn syrup to be used in food. Large businesses do not have the power over governments in Europe like you see in the United States. Like Europe, café evergreen does not use food containing GMO’s or high fructose corn syrup! We avoid GMO’s in our restaurant by choosing ingredients very carefully – organic whenever possible. Café evergreen also uses daily fresh ingredients to create our menu, we don’t use any preservatives which you can find in “off the shelf dressings for example”…etc.

When in Vienna check out TIAN restaurant, when in Nokomis, Venice or Sarasota check out café evergreen and you will be inspired that fresh healthy food can taste great!