Organic & Vegan Wine at Café Evergreen

There are thousands of different wine varieties but most of us don’t even realize what kinds of wine we
are drinking. You would generally think wine is vegan because wine is essentially fermented grape juice
but finding a vegan wine can be challenging because most wines use fining agents. Fining agents include
gelatin (an animal protein), albumin (egg whites), casein (a milk protein) and isinglass (fish bladder
protein). As a result, most wines aren’t vegan or even vegetarian!

Numerous winemakers have acknowledged that vegan wine is important for millions of wine
consumers. To address this matter, winemakers are using agents like bentonite (clay based) and
activated charcoal. Typically, it’s not labeled which fining agents have been used therefore it’s difficult
to find the right wine. This can prove finding a vegan wine difficult, especially if you follow a vegan diet.
A tip is to look for organic wine brands who are specialized in natural varietals. There is usually a listing
of ingredients on the wine label or on their website.

Café Evergreen only offers organic and vegan wines. Come and visit us to enjoy one of our delicious
wines. On Wednesday we have Wine Down Wednesday, and our bottles of wine are $10 off for dine in
and takeout.